Mike Renton is a skilled public relations and multimedia communications professional who has worked with clients in both the public and private sector for nearly a decade.

He has implemented a variety of successful online and offline campaigns and initiatives, from the election of Members of Parliament and councillors, to raising awareness for organisations and charities like the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Prince’s Trust.

Mike has run busy offices, managed staff, devised best practice sharing programs, produced weekly financial reports and planned, delivered and evaluated complex communications and marketing strategies. These have been for a range of stakeholders including the NHS Leadership Academy and the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

As part of his personal development, Mike has undertaken a number of professional training courses through membership of the CIPR, as well as through providers like Capita, Mind Gym and The British Army. These include Time Management, Persuasion, Influence, Dealing with the Media and Data Protection.  Mike has also received extensive training in the management of social media accounts for public officials, and can effectively utilise paid for adverts on all major platforms.

Throughout his career, Mike has acquired a network of key contacts in private business and public life. He is constantly monitoring the media to stay up-to-date on current affairs, and has formed strong working relationships with journalists on all national publications, and most Northern media outlets.

As a journalist Mike reported on the courts, the council and everyday news. His work in politics saw him organise high-profile events in Parliament, deliver briefings and speeches for MPs, handle crisis and communicate on a regular basis with constituents and the media. In his PR roles, Mike has worked closely with clients to better understand their business and objectives, in order to generate the best and most appropriate results. As a Social Media Account Manager, Mike monitored accounts of major businesses, creating daily content, and handling incoming correspondence. Remaining impartial has been an important part of his success, and he prides himself in his ability to appreciate multiple perspectives.

Living and working in the Tees Valley, Mike has taken great interest in local social, economic and historical issues, including founding the ‘I’m Backing Darlington’ initiative and the campaign to make the Stockton to Darlington Railway a UNESCO Memory of the World, as well as working with local council representatives on the Tees Valley Property Forum. He is a Trustee of the Friends of Stockton and Darlington Railway, and through this, and his work locally, has developed strong connections with a number of local businesses, MPs and councillors.

Client testimonials Mike has received in the past often reflect his commitment to projects and beneficiaries, as well as his friendly nature, integrity, drive and exceptional communication skills.




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